Clear the Clutter is proud to be the #1 professional organizing service in New Orleans! We specialize in compassionate downsizing for anyone feeling overwhelmed with too much stuff in their home. Our mission is to improve the quality of life one item at a time. Click here to schedule your complementary clutter consultation or call us directly at (504) 920-1800.


          "Stasia is such a pleasure to work with & her Clear the Clutter service is a life saver!"                         Co-owner of Commanders Palace, Lally Brennan 

"This woman will work tirelessly for hours on end to help you organize, without judgment or criticism."

"Our house looked so organized that it sold the first day it was on the market!"

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"Clear the Clutter has helped us clean up & stay happily married."

"She was very respectful of my keepsakes & photos."

"Clear the Clutter has not only transformed my house but my life as well."

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"Stasia is a miracle worker! I can walk through my house now without tripping."

"The process is amazingly powerful."

Clear the Clutter is proud to be the winner of the Angie's List Super Service Award!

"They got my husband so inspired that he decided to clean out his desk for the first time in 25 years!"

"I am loving my cleaner, better organized space. Thank you so much for your help!" 

"You taught me some great new habits. I'm able to let go of things!

Remove approx 175 lbs of clutter from your home in a single session! Call us at (504) 920-1800.

"They took away all the recycling & donations. It was such a relief!"

"The results are truly worth it."

"After a year of saying I can do it myself I finally called for help. I don't know why I waited so long." 

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