What's the first step?

Click here to fill out our contact form or call (504) 920-1800 to schedule your complementary clutter consultation. You'll be speaking with professional organizer & owner of Clear the Clutter, Stasia Cymes for about 15-30 min to discuss your challenges & goals for getting organized.   

What happens during a session?

See immediate results! We average 175lbs of clutter removed in 3 hours (that's a full SUV). Each session includes physical assistance & our complimentary donation removal service. Your organizer will guide you through the entire decision making process, review your accomplishments, & suggest homework. You may contact us anytime for ongoing advice & support. 

What is Clear the Clutter's rate? 

We start with a single 3 hour session in The Greater New Orleans Area. 5 hour sessions are available to recurring clients as well as Northshore residents. Our hourly rate is $100.

Skype, FaceTime & phone sessions are available for out of state & DIY clients. Virtual sessions include a personalized Clear the Clutter action plan & detailed guidance for getting organized.   

What's your cancellation policy?

Each session canceled with less than 48 hours notice of the scheduled appointment(s) will be charged a $100 cancellation fee, your deposit will cover the cost of these charges. There is no cost to reschedule an appointment however additional changes are subject to a $25 rescheduling fee. Please note that deposits are non-refundable after 90 days.  

I am very busy. Do I have to participate?

Yes. It's important that you participate in the downsizing process of your personal possessions. Only you can tell us what's clutter vs. a cherished keepsake. We also take the time to understand your lifestyle in order to organize your home in a way that's specifically tailored to meet your needs. During this process you'll learn how to stay organized & can apply our methods to other areas of your home!

Do you work with hoarders?

No. We work with pack rats, clutter bugs & shop-a-holics. We do not work with hoarders. If you are in need of a specialist, we suggest contacting Smooth Transitions of Southern LA at (888) 864-5098.  

Do you have any references?

With over 300 clients Clear the Clutter is proud to be the #1 professional organizing service in New Orleans. Please take a moment to read our reviews on Angie's List & Yelp! While most of our clients are residential, Stasia has worked with several businesses & organizations that we have been permitted to highlight. Commanders PalaceWWOZLeukemia & Lymphoma Society, LifeCity, & GNO Inc.