Do You Keep Emotional Clutter On Your Phone?

As a professional organizer I often see how objects affect my clients lives. From clothing to keepsake. But what about your phone?

Iphone Contacts.png

I believe that when we take the time to delete or keep people in our phone we are also reevaluating our relationship with them. Are they worthy of being in your life? Do you carry their energy with you everywhere you take your phone? I've begun to downsize the amount of contacts I have on my cell. I was surprised at how many numbers I no longer need & more importantly I discovered that there were people who I have no desire to talk to ever again! The simple act of hitting that delete button is a way of letting go of what I like to call emotional clutter. The next time you're waiting at the doctors office, sitting in an airport during a layover or during the commercial breaks of your favorite television show go ahead & give it try. Make room in your life for more positive connections & say goodbye to those contacts that have served their purpose.

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Stasia Cymes,

Professional Organizer & owner of Clear the Clutter (504) 920-1800