Newest 5 Star Review!

I always appreciate it when clients take the time to share their experience via social media. It allows someone else struggling with clutter to identify with another persons particular challenges & maybe not feel so alone. The struggle is real!

This morning Clear the Clutter is thrilled to receive the following 5 Star review on Google Business. 

"Highly recommend Clear the Clutter. Stasia not only helped me tackle bins of papers I'd avoided for years but she gently taught me practical and simple ways to prevent further pile ups! She quickly assessed the situation and immediately had a strategy for getting started, often the hardest part for me. Then as she got to know me and my habits, she came up with more helpful observations and solutions she shared. She is worth every $ as the piece of mind and lightness of spirit that has resulted from our sessions is priceless.I have learned skills that I will take to my new dwelling and new life! Feels great to start over."

Happy Downsizing!

Stasia Cymes                                                                                                                                       Professional Organizer & owner of Clear the Clutter                                                             

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