WWOZ, Organizer of the Groove

As a lover of music I was really excited when my favorite radio station asked if I could help them get organized! A new team member recently joined the station & unfortunately for her the only office space available happened to double as a storage room. I believe that our surroundings should inspire, not hinder our productivity & right away I could see why this room was a problem. 

The challenge is that 80% of this stuff doesn't belong in this room. The problem is that the other offices are just as full which means a lot of thought is going into finding a forever home for every single item. It's a jigsaw puzzle with many colorful pieces!

Over the next few weeks my goal is to bring a sense of order to the WWOZ offices for the wonderful people that work there. This is already turning out to be one of my favorite Clear the Clutter projects! I'll be blogging more photos & Guardians of the Groove office updates as progress is made. Stay tuned! 

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Happy Downsizing!

Stasia Cymes 

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