WWOZ, Organizer of the Groove Part 2!

Last month I was invited to organize two offices over at WWOZ. If you've ever felt distracted by clutter at work know that you're not alone. When your space lacks order then precious time can be lost looking for items that should otherwise be easy to find. 

Once we eliminated the clutter & found a proper home for everything else, this office was transformed from a storage room into a professional workspace that's now the envy of other coworkers!  

We organized everything! Filing cabinets, desk drawers, bookcases & more. Even the mailing station got an upgrade.  

Not only do I find beauty in simplicity but I also find great joy in decorating in a way that inspires creativity. When you walk into your office how does it make you feel? 

There's more on the horizon for me here at WWOZ. That's the thing about getting organized. It motivates those around you to get organized too. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. 

Happy Downsizing!

Stasia Cymes                                                                                                                                       Professional Organizer & owner of Clear the Clutter                                                                          (504) 920-1800                                                                                                                                   Stasia@clearthecluttertoday.com

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