Can you be Organized on Crutches?

While running with my dog Mr. Zulu my foot landed wrong causing me to roll my ankle. One trip to urgent care, a visit to the podiatrist & almost 4 weeks later I'm still on crutches. I don't have to tell you what a huge inconvenience this has been, losing your ability to walk really changes the game. So how hard is it for an already organized person to remain or continue being organized after an injury?

Turns out it's really hard! For me it's meant being less independent & asking for help. Naturally I wanted to continue going on with life as usual but when that's not an option you adapt. Once I accepted this I began to turn my attention to other areas of my life such as relationships & projects that I never had time for. It's been a tough road but here are a few things I've learned from the experience so far.

1. Being organized before the accident was a huge advantage! Simple things like having clean dishes, finished laundry & groceries in the fridge bought me time to rest & worry less. 

2. Having a messy house or clutter on the floor would have been a safety hazard for me on crutches. 

3. I plan out my household actions in advance to save energy & effort. Such as if I'm getting up to go to the bathroom I should take my dishes back to the kitchen & while I'm there I should take my medication & feed the dog. Otherwise I could be hobbling back & forth for an hour!

4. When you need help, ask. When help is offered say yes, thank you! 

If you're currently suffering from injury or illness your energy is better spent healing. However when you're back in the swing of things I urge you to make downsizing & simplifying your home a huge priority. It will benefit fit you greatly in sickness & in health. 

Happy Downsizing!

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